We recently announced our new platform, Credit Hub, and now I’m excited to share an overview and the product details with you in this blog post.

What is Credit Hub?

Credit Hub enables you to offer various loan products to individuals or businesses with the ease of an API Call without having to worry…

When fintechs disburse loans to new customers, pay gig workers, or send investment dividends, the disbursement methods they choose can differentiate their brands and improve their business models. The best disbursement methods optimize flexibility, manage costs and meet customer expectations for speed and convenience.

Synapse will soon have 4 disbursement methods for fintechs to choose from:

  • Next-Day ACH
  • Same-Day ACH
  • Push-to-Card
  • Real-Time Payments (August 2021)

Each disbursement method has unique strengths and weaknesses that developers can leverage to fine-tune customer experience and manage costs. The chart below highlights the differences and similarities of each:

Carla Mcmorris

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